About the Author

Gayle lives in Yerington, Nevada on a small farm with her 3 Great Pyrenees, and a Border Collie.  She is a published Author/Artist with coloring books that are made in the USA and distributed worldwide.  She is the owner of Gaylesfineartworks.com, an online store with over one thousand products.  All products offered have Gayle’s exclusive images and designs on them.

Gayle's Journey Video Image

Gayle is also listed in the Directory of Who' Who of the Coloring Book Artist 2016. The published directory brings together the “gems” of coloring book artists and showcases Gayle’s work. 

In 2021 Gayle decided to become the publisher of her own therapeutic coloring books.  In January of 2022 Gayle and a small team published the new coloring book product line and a brand-new website to support this endeavor. 

The coloring books are unique, interesting, and exclusive, with beautiful images that will settle your mind and soul.  They will leave you wondering, how the mind can create the images you find in each book.  They are featured at Gaylesfineartworks.com and sold through Amazon.com.

Gaylesfineartworks.com online store also showcases, a number of everyday products in conjunction with Gayle’s designs.  The store offers a collection of Apparel, Arts and Crafts, Accessories and her Home Sweet Home products.  And of course, the online store features the newly published Gayle Fine Artworks coloring books.   

For almost a decade Gayle has been telling a story of Native Americans and the beliefs, symbols, animals, of many years passed thru paper and ink.  You can't label Gayle’s art.  It's a mystery all on its own.   It comes from the soul, and a strong belief that the art comes from within, inspired by her ancestors, that are traced back to the Cajun Choctaw Indians from Louisiana.

We invite you to come along with Gayle’s never ending art journey, as it is ever-changing and evolving.   Come and see for yourself at Gaylesfineartwork.com or join Gayle and her followers on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.